Acrylic Processing Aids  

Brief introduction Acrylic processing aid is an acrylic polymer that functions as both an external lubricant and  a processing aid in Vinyl.  Its acrylic composition enables lubricating processing aid to provide  external lubrication without imparting the incompatibility often found in Vinyl compounds  containing conventional lubricants. Owing to its excellent metal release properties, it can effectively avoid adhesion between PVC melt and metal inner surface so as to avoid  hot metal surface sticking and improve surface glossiness of PVC finished products.  Characters: Acrylic processing aid TP-125 is a general purpose processing aid based on medium-high molecular weight,it is an acrylic copolymer that improves the processability and the performances of rigid PVC formulations ,TP-125 also extremely cost-effective,requiring only very low addition levels for high-quality results Advantage: --…

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