Adhesive sealing silicone for wall washing lamps  

Translucent Led Bulb One-Component RTV Silicone Sealant ST-378 Product specification 1. The product picture is as above         2. Product features and applications This product is a single component room temperature cured silicone rubber, which has no irritating odor after curing. It has excellent bonding performance, excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and stable performance at temperatures between -50 ℃ and 200 ℃. Comply with environmental requirements such as ROHS, REACH, halogen-free, and sulfur free. It has good adhesion to most materials and is widely used in LED lighting, electronic appliances, home appliances, automobiles, etc. 3. Application Methods 1) Clean the surface: Clean the surface of the object to be glued or coated to remove rust, dust and oil, ect.. 2) Apply glue: squeeze the product onto the cleaned surface to make it evenly distributed, and fix the bonde…

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