Air Cooled Cooler Water Chiller for molding machine  

Product Description Introduction of air cooled high efficiency cooler After cooling, the cooler is arranged on the compressor in Hangzhou poly air separation equipment Co. Ltd production, the high temperature will produce compressed air compressor cooling to 42 DEG C, cooling the compressed air in the water, discharged out of the machine, to meet the conditions of use in the rear of the equipment. The series of products to adapt to a wide range of temperature, small size, easy installation, low operating cost, long service life, especially for water, water and the use of mobile users. Technical index Working pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa (according to the request to provide 1.0-3.0Mpa) Intake air temperature: less than or equal to 120 DEG C The outlet temperature is less than or equal to 42 DEG C: The pressure drop is less than or equal to 0.02Mpa. Ambient temperature: less than or equal to 35 DEG C Company Profile…


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