Export 6cm Fresh Red Garlic Price  

Description: Our 6cm fresh red garlic contains thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, allicin, citral, selenium and germanium.etc Therefore help to improve immunity,lower blood sugar&pressure,improve indigestion etc. what'more,when you cook meat ,seafood,soups,pasta,vegetables,our garlic will improve the food taste and flavor.  Maybe you also like: 1.natural red garlic 2.5.5cm dried red garlic 3.garlics planting 4.dehydrated vegetable garlic 5.red garlics planter 6.chutney red 7.organic dried garlic   Dinning&condiments: Edible value: 1.Relieve fatigue,invigorate health,refreshment      2.Guard against cardiovascular,prevent thrombosis                   &n…

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