Four Drip Irrigator For Farmland Irrigation  

Drip irrigator set, four one out of two drip irrigatorSuitable for potted fruit trees landscaping Drip irrigator, the model is divided into: single arrow, double arrow, four arrows, etc. Drip irrigator is generally installed on PE pipe (riveting tube), which is generally composed of drip irrigator upper body, lower body and drip irrigator. The installation spacing of drip irrigator can be adjusted at any position according to the planting plant spacing of crops, and can be used alone, or connected with multi-outlet water distributor, it can be used with pressure compensation Dripper to form pressure compensation constant current drip irrigator, which is available in single arrow, double arrow, four arrows and other models; it is especially suitable for use when the distance of plant or flower matrix bags changes frequently and the spacing is uneven. Features of drip irrigator 1. Labyrinth long flow channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type steady flow dripp…


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